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BowenField is a cutting-edge platform poised to transform the realm of decentralized computing. Anchored in the core values of security, privacy, and innovation, BowenField introduces an extensive array of products designed to bolster both individuals and organizations in their digital ventures. Our mission is to revolutionize the way projects are implemented, moving beyond the barriers often presented by centralized solutions that tend to stifle progress.

The Need for Decentralized GPUs


Centralized cloud architectures often suffer from single points of failure and potential vulnerabilities. BowenField's decentralized network architecture enhances algorithm integrity and data security.



Accessibility: A decentralized GPU marketplace can democratize access to high-performance computational resources, spurring greater participation in the development and innovation of artificial intelligence.



BowenField's strategy of leveraging geographically distributed resources and market-driven dynamics can offer superior efficiency and cost savings compared to traditional centralized providers.


Total Supply: 568,600,000,000,000,000 $AIP


Token Allocation:

  • Ecosystem and Community Incentives: 40% (227,440,000,000,000,000 $AIP)
  • Team and Advisors: 20%
    (113,720,000,000,000,000 $AIP)
  • Partners and Strategic Investors: 15% (85,290,000,000,000,000 $AIP)
  • Research and Innovation Fund: 15% (85,290,000,000,000,000 $AIP)
  • Marketing and Market Expansion: 10% (56,860,000,000,000,000 $AIP)

Route map

Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork and Building Presence


  • Token Launch on Decentralized Exchanges: Introducing our token on various DEX platforms to kickstart its circulation.
  • Community Development: Cultivating a robust community foundation around our initiative for support and insightful feedback.
  • Private Beta of BowenField: Conducting thorough tests on BowenField to address any technical issues before public release.
  • Enhancing Privacy Measures: Prioritizing advancements in privacy features to safeguard user information comprehensively.

Phase 2: Launching BowenField and Broadening Horizons

  • BowenField Rollout (Nodes, Validators, Miners, GPUs, VPS): Unveiling BowenField with its comprehensive feature set for superior cloud solutions.
  • GPU Fine-Tuning for Varied Applications: Optimizing GPUs to excel across a spectrum of applications, ensuring peak efficiency.
  • Network Integration within BowenField: Incorporating additional blockchain networks to extend our services' reach and versatility.
  • Ecosystem Partnerships and Growth: Forging strategic alliances to enhance our platform's value and expand our service offerings.
  • Tier 1 Exchange Listings: Aiming for our token's listing on premier exchanges to boost its visibility and accessibility.

Phase 3: Expansion and Sustained Development


  • Network Node Expansion to 50+ Chains: Extending our platform to include more blockchain networks, selected based on community interest and compatibility.
  • Ongoing GPU Capacity Enhancement: Dedicated to scaling our GPU resources to meet growing demands.
  • BowenField Security Beta Testing: Rigorous evaluation of BowenField Security to uphold our commitment to exceptional security standards.

Phase 4: Security Enhancements, Automation, and Community Engagement

  • AI-Driven Cloud Service Automation: Implementing AI technologies for streamlined and efficient cloud service deployments.
  • BowenField Security Official Release: Introducing BowenField Security, featuring cutting-edge security solutions and services.
  • Educational Outreach & Webinars: Offering educational materials and webinars to empower users and developers with platform knowledge.
  • Team and Advisory Board Expansion: Enriching our team with industry experts and advisors to fortify project development.

Phase 5: Emphasizing Cross-Chain Integration and BowenField Network Inception


  • Cross-Chain Development & BowenField Network Initiative (L1 Modular Blockchain): Focusing on interoperability to ensure seamless interactions with other blockchain ecosystems.
  • BowenField Network (L1) Testnet Introduction: Launching a test network to invite community engagement, feedback, and testing.
  • Hackathons and Bug Bounty Programs: Organizing events to detect and rectify potential issues, bolstering platform integrity.
  • Continuous Updates and Network Extensions in BowenField: Regularly enhancing our offerings with new features and expanding network support.
  • BowenField Network (L1) Mainnet Rollout: Achieving the full launch of our blockchain, confirming its readiness and security for widespread adoption.

BowenField Capabilities

  • On-Chain AI Model Integration: BowenField enables the secure deployment and operation of AI models directly within the blockchain environment, ensuring robust security and transparency.
  • Distributed GPU Access: BowenField offers access to a network of decentralized GPU clusters and a specialized GPU marketplace, facilitating efficient AI model training and execution.
  • Privacy-Centric AI Development: Through the integration of advanced privacy-protecting technologies such as differential privacy and homomorphic encryption, BowenField ensures the secure and private collaboration on AI projects.
  • AI-Driven Oracles: BowenField utilizes AI-powered oracles to deliver reliable and tamper-resistant data inputs, enhancing the functionality and decision-making processes of smart contracts.
  • Inter-Blockchain AI Operations: With protocols and bridges designed for interoperability, BowenField connects AI functionalities across various blockchain platforms, enabling seamless cross-chain AI workflows.